Is Common Sense or Research Needed to Cure Cancer?

It is an terrific feat that organisms can start from one cellular and then differentiate and compartmentalize into the hundreds of thousands of various tissue and organ niches that constitute a mature body. Why brain, fingernail, liver, gut and bone cells ever turn out to be what they may be is mystery sufficient. Why they live what they have got end up even as nonetheless maintaining the whole genetic statistics to supply an entire new frame, compounds the miracle even more.

Cancer is a condition in which cells lose their orientation and proliferate uncontrollably. Any cellular can become cancerous. A lot of them do, but are squelched by mobile dying (apoptosis), the immune gadget or nipped within the bud by way of DNA restore mechanisms. Successful most cancers cells escape these impediments, push aside ordinary mobile checks and balances and come to be an island unto themselves with best their own survival and self-pursuits at heart.

The purpose of most cancers is not any thriller. It is our aberrant present day dwelling context that has put us at cancer hazard. When cells are pressured to bathe in a milieu (the tissue soup we create with cutting-edge foods, tablets and life-style) absolutely not like what they are genetically programmed to assume, they revert to their most primitive directive – multiply, multiply, multiply – with out regard for associates. It’s a type of payback for our dismiss for “neighbors” when we pollute and repudiate nature. Why need to our cells be polite to their neighbors if we don’t have regard for ours? Since the immune gadget is compromised from the chronic stresses created by means of contemporary living, defenses are down. Couple this with the nutritionally depleted and perverted modern-day processed diet and you've got the incubator for cancer.

Today, approximately one in three human beings gets most cancers. In pets it's miles worse and perhaps the leading purpose of demise. No evidence exists that the ailment changed into of comparable incidence before our current technology. President Nixon's "War on Cancer" (starting inside the early Seventies) is the maximum failed and embarrassing "army" campaign ever undertaken by means of any state at any time in history. One person in 30 got cancer at the beginning of the 20th century, now nearly one in  do.

Some will say that the simplest cause the occurrence has elevated is due to the fact human beings and animals stay longer due to modern medical measures. So when science fails of their challenge to defeat most cancers, they cleverly spin the failure as their success. As I even have proven formerly (Why Modern Medicine is the Greatest Threat to Health [http://www.Wysong.Net/health/post_77_061902.Shtml]), that is nonsense in view that current medical measures are themselves likely the primary risk to lifestyles.

The reason for most cancers and most continual degenerative sicknesses is modern dwelling, pure and easy. We have subjected ourselves to an synthetic environment to which we aren't adapted. Nature – now not exhaust, sugar, pop and plastic – is what we're designed for. Screw with Mother Nature and a price can be paid.

Whatever the inciting reason, it's far known that inducement and propagation desires to be relentless and of lengthy-status period. Cancer could have a latency length of a long time, requiring non-stop exposure to the inciting pressure. Our departure from our genetic roots truely qualifies.

If disorder does no longer strike straight away after a bad life desire, then the belief is that the choice is just satisfactory. We refuse to take the long view and make intelligent selections now for outcomes that may not emerge till years later. It's a commonplace human failing we see replayed in each issue of human enterprise. It's the modus operandi in authorities, economics, agriculture, social troubles and health care. Living inside the moment is what youngsters and animals do. We must do better with the kilos of gyri and sulci resting on our shoulders.

Nevertheless, this common feel method (returning to our genetic roots) to stopping most cancers and other illnesses will be left out. Instead we will pour billions of greenbacks into research to find out the therapy for cancer. But there'll by no means be a therapy apart from respecting our genetic heritage and residing, ingesting, respiration and consuming as we have been designed to do. A tablet or vaccine to save us just isn't always going to appear.

Let me give some examples of recent studies findings that monitor the plain. First there may be the "discovery" that sparkling fruits and veggies include anti-cancer vitamins inclusive of antioxidants, nutrients and flavanoids. Why might they no longer be anti-most cancers, they're the herbal meals of human beings? No research is essential to discover that!

Then there's the "discovery" that most cancers preferentially feeds on glucose, diverting it from frame use and inefficiently metabolizing it by way of glycolysis into lactate and a pair ATP electricity molecules. (Glucose typically yields 38 ATP.) The body then has to reconvert the lactate lower back, through the Cori cycle, into glucose (at an energy value). The net result is that the cancer acts like an electricity sink resulting in cachexia, a pathetic situation of intense muscle wasting and debilitation. Modern diets are encumbered with sugar and starches that no longer best provide the precise food for most cancers but the appropriate acidic medium in tissues. Processed sugar and starch is not a natural human meals. No research is needed to find out that!

Research has also proven that a low carbohydrate, high protein, high arginine (meat amino acid), low omega-6 fatty acid and high omega-three fatty acid weight-reduction plan is beneficial for each stopping and treating cancer. Tumor cells do not do well on fats or protein. But they love that sugar. The herbal, uncooked weight-reduction plan for human beings and their pets is excessive in fat (the desired power supply) and protein, excessive in omega-3 fatty acids (fish, wild meat, some seeds and greens) and low in omega-6 fatty acids (grains, grain-fed meats and maximum oils), and is alkalinizing. This isn't any scientific discovery. It's commonplace experience.

But corporations are clamoring to patent variations of herbal diets and crediting their technological know-how for coming across the obvious. Examples are new patented, "cancer-combating" foods presenting excessive fat, high omega-3 fatty acids, low carbohydrates, and excessive protein and arginine. Finally, feeding humans and pets what they have to have been getting all alongside (as, I hate to mention, I have been arguing for many years) is so novel that it is patentable!

It is the brink-of-the-map technology this is accountable for this sorry state of affairs. Like the ancient mariners who believed the world ended wherein their maps left off, science has assumed that calories, no matter their source, were the threshold in their map. Their nutritional international ends with calories and percentages of regarded nutrients. Science has insisted that if a human or animal calls for X energy according to pound each day, it subjects no longer whether or not those calories come from clean, actual meals or Twinkies. That's why hospital sufferers paying a thousand dollars a night dine on Registered Dietician Jell-O, diet pop and on the spot potatoes.

What has been ignored is that calories aren't the edge of the map; ships do now not drop off the Earth once they disappear over the horizon. Now the world past the edge of traditional medication and nutrition is slowly being rediscovered. The global is round... And those and animals require their natural, genetically programmed weight loss plan that lies past the threshold of science’s calories. Quality of calories do be counted and is an entire new world promising fitness.

So, to increase the chance of getting most cancers, or to hurry its progression, ingesting the same old present day fare is the manner to head. Get plenty of sugar and lots of grain-based totally ingredients inclusive of pasta, bread, cereal, bagels, donuts (which convert to sugar after ate up) and lots of vegetable oils. Increase carbohydrates, consume oleo and search for low-fats ingredients. Drink very little water and alternatively enjoy acidified pop and municipal acidic water. Tumors thrive on this dinner party.

You can watch for “research” to prove that herbal meals and natural living (fresh air, workout, sunlight, loving relationships) save you and opposite cancer, or you may be a thinking individual and apply this obvious awareness starting today.

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