Cancer Curing Brain Theory Concept, Part II

Before we further this newsletter, don't forget I am no longer a health practitioner or bio-researcher. I trust what I advocate will work from my observations and enjoy, but do not desire to be sued due to the fact I do not have a PhD in this discipline of enterprise. Continuing now with Part II.

Conscientiously going into a theta nation of mind, like for the duration of the 1/2 asleep, half of unsleeping dreaming state, with the frame on auto pilot and right oxygen to mind and stimulus to accumulate the electric power to shall we say one hundred watts is probably the additional enhance wanted. Above 1.Five volts might be an excellent factor. Although the mind professionals could recognize higher a likely better range this is my bet. For the ones patients who're listed as terminal there are other troubles. Stress of death takes away all of the vitamins of the brain and makes humans's our bodies work less well. Similarly the mass media hysteria has harm the average citizen and decreased proper choice making which is apparent through simple observation and extended use of Prozac through football mothers and mid 30's clients. This is why insomniacs and those concerned approximately global terrorist acts from mass media can permit all their tough fought freedoms of the beyond be taken away willingly, Patriot Act, with out a large amount of public scrutiny.

People also can be inspired by way of power. The Military has been working on secret guns in this realm able to introduce to subjects mind and ideas that they would in no way suppose or do commonly through ELF; making them irritated, hungry, sexy, content by using radio waves. The Russians did this to their people, KGB mind manipulate, which taught it to the CIA and British Intelligence groups in WWII while the Russian secret agent was walking matters in England.

My experiment to treatment most cancers will build upon that expertise with out in any way wondering the past or commenting on its army mind manage uses. The truth is it really works and it's miles to be had and if so we must use it in cancer studies. The Marines and Navy did check on personnel in classrooms and inside five mins they had modified their conduct to an alarming charge, nearly 100% of them. The Pentagon is also working on a way to calm down combatants or protestors; truly we're the use of it now. Source; Aviation Week, MIT Technology Review, and Popular Science.

These technologies perhaps an introduced bonus to my experiment strategies. I desire to apply as many known sciences to make sure we are able to win in the conflict in opposition to cancer. We recognize that once we put people below pressure, they can't suppose as to what is simply occurring. This is why college college students choke on tests and athletes screw up under strain. They are not virtually on top of things in any respect, this maybe why regular education is needed in many sports, so it will become a reflex. I used those theories to beat humans in opposition and in sports as a more youthful guy in aggressive athletics.

You can create a annoying state of affairs to your opponent whether or not it's miles a group recreation or man VS guy sport, but others can use these information to beat the odds in a disease or terminal contamination. You want to be more potent than all of that, but few absolutely are, and as the society movements forward perhaps even fewer within the destiny. We realize many cannot manage ache and people are wimps below torture techniques. So why no longer use these strategies to train the affected person to take over them selves on account that humans can not assume on their personal in such a manner with a purpose to do that normally? We want some other method to combating most cancers otherwise no person can be capable of use my strategies and that means they may die or succumb to most cancers or should rely on chemo.

Regarding energy wished; here's a quote located at the Internet and if actual perhaps another form of human electricity to use in fighting the cancer:

"Mr. Wenger's assumption that "almost all the electricity emitted by the mind that allows you to enhance the pencil is going, in truth, to raising the pencil" isn't correct. In the object I said that the laser-like electricity beam had a "modest dispersion." I did no longer specify this in my article (which perhaps I should have) but my research indicated that the geometry of the human head precludes a tightly targeted beam. Therefore, a a hundred Watt beam might be needed to apply the 1 Watt of energy required to boost the pen. This calculation became provided for me with the aid of physicist, Lawrence Krauss."

"Regarding the difficulty of tachycardia and tachypnea, my article in comparison the power output (one hundred Watts) to moderate exercising. Obviously, one second of workout isn't always enough to raise the coronary heart rate or purpose shortness of breath. A sustained telekinetic effort, however, ought to have the same consequences as slight exercising."

I could say if you stayed inside the frame that 30-a hundred watts of brain strength centered closer to the imperative nervous machine to the point wished for 5 to ten seconds at a time each minute for two-3 hours a day would paintings. All the participant desires to realize is in which to cognizance the power. Think if people did this all the time they may restore them selves working on a segment at a time as they reached old age. While consuming oxygenated mineral water or sugar water. No chemo, it's going to not work that manner because you are killing the blood supply and oxygen to the mind.

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