How To Use Time Travel To Kill Cancer Cells

My, what a high sounding, futuristic name! Better yet, what if the consequences are actual and possible by using any and all most cancers patients? As a rely of truth, that is pretty genuine and has been efficaciously expressed in the lives of a lot of those exquisite sufferers who had been just now not willing to be appropriate patients and die in the bounds of scientific propriety in compliance with some oncologists loss of life sentence. These are the individuals who chance the wrath of scientific science with the aid of getting well for the incorrect motive.

I once attended certainly one of Dr. Herb Benson's Harvard Med School seminars on Spirituality in Healing. One of many gemstones of expertise that I keep in mind from that highlight occasion changed into a declaration to the impact that mankind is the simplest creature endowed with a reminiscence of the future. He similarly emphasis that very real fee can be derived from "remembered wellbeing".

When I first started out on my death war with metastatic kidney most cancers, I turned into conscious that a great deal of what I needed to understand to satisfactory live on could should be discovered the difficult way by using diligent effort and my very own studies. It become clean early on that the statistics allotted by way of my oncologist could be of a nature that he deemed enough for me and could cross no farther, regardless of a legitimate want to understand. In retrospect and in fairness, I do not assume he clearly knew plenty past the protocols. Certainly not anything of such topics which might be embraced by means of the field of Mind/Body medicinal drug.

Few newly diagnosed patients are even aware of a top notch book, "Imagery and Disease", posted by means of Dr. Frank Lawlis in 1978. A later ebook with the aid of Dr. Bernie Siegel, "Love, Medicine and Miracles" turned into posted in 1986 which further extended the role of the thoughts in restoration most cancers. Out of those got here a most cancers combating approach referred to as "Guided Imagery" by using which commands to the immune gadget to song down and kill cancer cells are conveyed to the subconscious right mind via visual snap shots while the patient is in a state of deep rest.

The cost of this method derives from utilizing all of the following statistics about most cancers.

• There has by no means been a form of most cancers that has now not had as a minimum some survivors.

• These are commonly called "miracle remissions", but little inside the manner of studies has been done with those survivors to understand what triggers a remission. We have a tendency to have a look at demise, not lifestyles, in terms of most cancers research.

• There is not any cancer mobile that can't be killed with the aid of one or more of the factors of the human immune gadget, if they are able to just get into the assault mode.

• Every cancer mobile has on its surface an identifying marker called "Antigen" which, if recognized, will result in the cancer cellular being attacked and killed through immune cells. Instructions to assault can be conveyed, through imagery, using an immediate neural route.

By far the first-class way for the patient to pursue this remedy modality is with the assist of a guide, typically a voice on a CD, who literally publications the secure patient through scene after recovery scene. In my case, I become absolutely under the gun because, remedies having failed, I became advised that I had only three more months to stay. Realizing the futility of losing any more time with a failed clinical device, I pursued GI with focused depth. One of the important thing factors of the imagery program changed into one wherein I found myself, some 5 years consequently, speaking to a big crowd of most cancers sufferers, telling them how I became able to orchestrate a program of remission. Thus, as a long way as all sensory belief is going, I become actually working some five years within the destiny in a state of affairs that had all the trappings of truth. I did this twice an afternoon for months on stop. I might visualize the auditorium, the steps to the podium, what the audience gave the impression of (specially the ones on the the front row) and a myriad of other info of the scene, consisting of the speech itself. The info of what took place, both in my lifestyles and people of others, are associated in my latest e book, "THREE MONTHS TO LIFE". Needless to say, I did now not die as I turned into confident by competent authority that I would, however turned into capable of kill out the most cancers cells in 3 months time.

It became no longer too lengthy after that when I attended the yearly assembly of the Kidney Cancer Association in Chicago. This turned into a 3 day affair that became attended in those days via a mixture of sufferers and doctors. The highlight occasion became the "Survivors Banquet" held on the Saturday night time before the meeting closed on Sunday. The agenda referred to as for a nicely understand keynote speaker to make the formal deal with. For whatever cause, this illustrious speaker cancelled just hours earlier than the affair and left the committee in a determined situation. Since my story turned into fairly widely recognized, they asked me if I ought to supply this speak with out time for preparation. I confident them that I could as I had been giving this speech two times a day for well over a 12 months! It was a smashing achievement and I without a doubt gained the target audience survey for the exceptional presentation of that three day conference.

Now let us speedy forward through a decade to the present and the actual tale at the back of this article. Last December, there got here to my house one Danny Newman, who became close to demise from metastatic lung cancer, his treatments having failed. His daddy added him and we helped them into the the front door and to a relaxed chair with all of the oxygen bottles attending. To inform the truth, Lucy and I had been truly apprehensive that he could die earlier than our eyes however that did now not maintain us from having an extensive consultation wherein I took him via each my experience and that of others given within the book.

Danny changed into surprised to locate a lot absolutely good technological know-how in the back of this concept and his mind become completely open to opportunities. I sent them on their manner with analyzing cloth and a replica of my guided imagery CD. In regard to the latter, I strongly endorsed to him that he develop the idea of the speech to cancer patients a few years into the future.

You can believe my wonder while late one night in April, my phone rang and it changed into Danny who just could not wait till morning to tell me that he had just were given back from the oncology center and THEY COULD NOT FIND A SINGLE CANCER CELL IN HIS BODY! This is such superb information that it's far difficult to give an explanation for its effect to person who has now not in my opinion skilled it. Now through some curious twist of fate, I was scheduled to be the month-to-month speaker at the approaching assembly of Shriners here in Granbury. I determined to play a actual wild card for a slam bang finish. There changed into not a dry eye in the vicinity when I turned the mike over to Danny to close together with his story which, in effect, gave him the opportunity to deliver the speech he have been visualizing for so long, precisely as I had been privileged to do in Chicago a decade in the past. With teary eyes, he realized that, from the farthest reaches of his hopes, his visualization of a future occasion had now emerge as a astonishing fact.

I even have not a doubt in my thoughts that there may be a valid medical rationalization, bordering because it does at the non secular, for what took place in our lives a decade aside. I agree with that the impact of constantly pounding this picture into the subconscious thoughts empowered it with the command to supply us alive and properly to the appointed event when its region within the chronology of time had sooner or later arrived. In bankruptcy nine of my e book, I recount how I turned into privileged to work with one of the eminent scientists of our time, Dr. Andreas Bette of the Royal Technology Institute in Stockholm.. His discipline embraced things like black holes, parallel universes, and massless debris. He felt that human thought was composed of massless particles and, as such, were now not sure by way of the laws that govern time and space. This appeared to offer a few credence of the perception of slipping out of time and area and in the end returning. As he placed it to me, you need to be a touch loopy to work on this field. Whatever the case, I have come to accept as true with that the subsequent announcement is actual and it's far one for which I would love to be remembered as the author, to wit:

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