21st Century Technology-Benefits & Dangers

First the advantages. The Eniva Corporation offers the finest dietary supplements the use of 21st century technology. VIBE, the flagship product, helps the Immune System, the Cardiovascular System, Collagen and Skin Health, and gives a ramification of Anti-Oxidants; in reality, in line with the ORAC score (as devised and examined by way of internationally respected Dr. Ou at Brunswick Labs) 1 bottle of VIBE = 5 Xango, 7 Goji, sixteen Noni or 29 Seasilver! And for the reason that particle size is so small that it is measured in angstroms, it's far - in contrast to whatever else in the marketplace - ninety eight% absorbed! There also are 24 protocols presenting combinations of merchandise that can be delivered to the VIBE after 90 days, if there are nevertheless some remnants of fitness demanding situations. It is through the vibrational frequencies of sound that the particle length is reduced to 4x smaller than the smallest human cellular. These angstrom-sized nutrients are able to be absorbed thru the higher part of the stomach, via-passing the digestive procedure - especially vital for humans with digestive demanding situations. This is brilliant! This is twenty first century generation the use of healthy frequencies to restore and maintain our immune device, our power, and - since VIBE has been proven to restore broken DNA - our durability!

As for the dangers... There ARE frequencies within the 21st century that throw our immune device out of balance, and wreak havoc with our health and properly-being. These are usually referred to as EMFs (electromagnetic frequencies) and EMRs (electromagnetic radiation). These frequencies emanate from everything that runs, now not just cellular phones - however additionally cordless phones, computer systems, blenders, juicers, vacuum cleaners, electricity gear, hair dryers, and many others. (See: Dr. George Carlo's Cell phones: invisible dangers in the wireless age ; an insider's alarming discoveries approximately cancer and genetic damage, 2001, in addition to Wireless phones and fitness: clinical progress, 1998, and Wireless telephones and health II: kingdom of the technological know-how, 2001.)

It is imperative to be aware and to use safety, specially with those items we preserve in our palms, which includes a mobile phone or hair dryer, and people objects we nearly "hug" - our computer systems, laptops and different electronic gadgets.

Technology became developed in the Russian area software that became offered by using a German organisation; they tweaked the generation and validated its effectiveness with many European in addition to American university studies. This generation became bought by an American employer, BioPro, and is now to be had in the US, Canada, Mexico, AU, NZ and the Philippines. These "chips" - about the dimensions of a nickel - do NOT block the EMFs, otherwise your cellular telephone might not paintings! Rather they modulate and harmonize the frequencies so they may be well suited with the frequencies of the human body... One on a mobile smartphone; one on the bottom unit of the cordless telephone and one on the handset; three on a computer: 2 above and below the screen in the center, and 1 on the tower - or the keyboard of a computer; 2 on a vacuum, 1 on the motor, 1 on the switch; 2, 2 inches apart, on a hairdryer and energy gear, and so forth. It's exciting to peer the thermography snap shots: with out the chip, 15 minutes of cell phone use suggests intense pink, orange and yellow - indicating warmth inside the brain; more than one hours later - same individual, same cellular phone, with a chip, 15 mins of cellular phone use suggests cool blues and veggies. If a photograph is really worth a thousand phrases, those pictures are worth a ebook! Seeing IS believing!

BioPro has a modern day Q-Link fabricated from surgical metallic and copper; that is worn as a pendant across the neck. This safety is for when you are in a shop or if you work somewhere like a medical institution or an office in which there may be many computers and different digital paraphernalia, or when you are on a plane, specially while your neighbor pulls out a pc for the duration of the flight! The Q-Link has been put to the test with many college research.

There is also a Home Harmonizer that protects against the EMFs inside the wiring behind the walls, in addition to elevates the temper inside the home.

Dr. Robert Becker, internationally recognized writer: The Body Electric, and Cross Currents says the greatest threat we are facing is not international warming or chemical pollutants. It is electromagnetic pollutants. Thank God there is a company that provides university examined solutions that paintings

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